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iRunner for Windows Phone

Jump and slide to avoid all the deadly obstacles in your way in this fast-paced running game for W...

July 3rd, 07:12 GMT

Runtastic Squats for Windows Phone

Use your Windows Phone as a personal squat trainer that guides you and keeps you motivated to help...

July 3rd, 06:55 GMT

Yo for Windows Phone

Cross-platform communication tool that allows you to quickly send 'Yo' messages to all your friend...

July 2nd, 20:05 GMT

Calendar for Windows Phone 1.0.14127.247

Calendar application that allows you to easily keep track of all your appointments and events with...

July 2nd, 15:44 GMT

W.E.L.D.E.R. for Android 1.05

Swap letters on the board to form valid words in this addictive puzzle game for Android smartphone...

July 2nd, 12:58 GMT

Digitally Imported Radio for BlackBerry

Online radio network that allows mobile users to listen to their favorite electronic music while o...

July 2nd, 12:46 GMT

Super Pixelander for Android 1.0.6

Collect the riches of space while shooting and dodging asteroids in this retro-style arcade game f...

July 2nd, 08:53 GMT

Monty Python's The Ministry of Silly Walks for Android 1.0.2

Humorous side-scrolling endless running game inspired by Monty Python's sketch, The Ministry of Si...

July 2nd, 08:34 GMT

Blek for iOS 1.2.1

Draw a line that travels through all the colored circles while avoiding the black holes in this st...

July 2nd, 08:08 GMT

99 Bricks Wizard Academy for Android 2.1

Build the highest possible tower using tetrominoes in this addictive physics-based action puzzler ...

July 2nd, 07:25 GMT

Civilization Revolution 2 for iOS 1.0.0

Develop a thriving civilization and dominate the whole world in this addictive turn-based strategy...

July 2nd, 07:01 GMT

Order & Chaos Duels for Windows Phone

Build a powerful deck and test your skills in single-player or PvP multiplayer in this fantasy-the...

July 2nd, 06:41 GMT

Dragons: Rise of Berk for Android 1.2.10

Train dragons to protect Berg from a mysterious threat in this simulation game inspired by DreamWo...

July 2nd, 06:11 GMT

Yo for Android

Cross-platform communication tool that allows you to quickly send 'Yo' messages to all your friend...

July 1st, 11:55 GMT

The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2 for iOS 2.2.0

Save the great Egyptian civilization by constructing eight majestic temples in this time managemen...

July 1st, 11:35 GMT

Ballance Resurrection for Windows Phone

Guide a rolling marble across beautiful maze-like levels in this challenging arcade puzzle game fo...

July 1st, 11:17 GMT

Rival Knights for Windows Phone

Take on the role of a knight and prove your skills in jousting competitions in this action-packed ...

July 1st, 08:51 GMT

Norman Mobile Security 1.0.3

Mobile security solution that protects your Android smartphone or tablet against internet threats,...

July 1st, 07:14 GMT

Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient Spectres for BlackBerry

Embark on a thrilling adventure across time and space in this hidden object game for BlackBerry sm...

June 30th, 13:01 GMT

Fantasy Town for Android

Build a fantasy town inhabited by fairies, elves, dwarves and other magical beings in this enchant...

June 30th, 12:06 GMT

4shared (Windows Phone)

Download and upload files to your 4shared account and share them with other people from anywhere u...

June 30th, 10:59 GMT

WATCH Disney Junior for Android 3.0.1

Watch live broadcasts and full episodes of your favorite series from Disney Junior streamed to you...

June 30th, 09:35 GMT

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light for Android 1.2.284923

Help the famous archeologist Lara Croft save the world from perpetual darkness in this action adve...

June 30th, 09:23 GMT

Dead Route for iOS 1.0.1

Shoot down zombies and see for how long you can survive the onslaught of the undead in this action...

June 27th, 12:43 GMT
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YouTube Creator Studio 1.0.0

Mobile application that allows YouTube content publishers to manage their channels on the go right...

June 27th, 08:24 GMT

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Silent Phone for Android 2.0.1

Secure communication solution that enables you to make encrypted voice and video calls from your A...

June 27th, 08:06 GMT

Silent Text for Android 1.5.0

Secure communication solution that allows you to send encrypted messages and files to other people...

June 27th, 07:09 GMT

The Walking Dead: Season Two for Android

Help a young orphaned girl survive in a post-apocalyptic world crawling with undead in this horror...

June 27th, 06:48 GMT
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Adobe Photoshop Express for Windows Phone

Make your pictures stand out and share them with the rest of the world with this intuitive photo e...

June 27th, 06:24 GMT

Android TV Remote Control

Mobile application that turns your Android smartphone or tablet into a remote control for your And...

June 26th, 13:22 GMT
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