Evernote (iPhone/iPad)

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Productivity application that allows you to store text notes, photos, checklists and voice memos and access them from all your devices





Evernote is a productivity tool that makes it easy to remember things from your everyday life. With it, you can take text notes, capture photos, create checklists, record voice memos and access them from wherever you are.

The saved data is automatically synced across all your devices, making it available on your smartphone, tablet, computer and the web. To easily retrieve the information, notes can be organized into notebooks and tagged with appropriate keywords.

The app features supports for a wide range of third-party applications, so you can save the desired content to Evernote from anywhere. Also, saved notes can be quickly shared with others via email, Facebook and Twitter.
Last updated on August 12th, 2014
Evernote (iPhone/iPad)Evernote (iPhone/iPad)Evernote (iPhone/iPad)

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