imgscalr 4.2

Java Image-Scaling Library

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What's new in imgscalr 4.2:

  • Added support for a new Method.ULTRA_QUALITY scaling method. This new method uses 3.5x more incremental steps when scaling an image down than the QUALITY method, providing a much more accurate result. This is especially noticeable in thumbnails that have diagonal lines that get jagged during down-sizing with QUALITY or lower methods. The quality of the ULTRA_QUALITY scaling method is almost on par with the image resize functionality built into Mac OS X; that is to say it is better than GIMP's Lancsoz3 and Windows 7 built-in resize.
  • Fixed subtle bug with incremental scaling and Mode.FIT_EXACT causing the incremental scaling to stop too soon resulting in the wrong-sized result image. The stop-condition for incremental scaling assumed that in every case the width AND height would be shrinking each iteration; when using Mode.FIT_EXACT this is not necessarily true as one dimension may not change at all or stop changing before another.
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imgscalr is a very simple and efficient (hardware accelerated) “best-practices” image-scaling library implemented in pure Java 2D.

As of the 4.0 release imgscalr now includes a handful of other convenience image operations, all as easy to use as resize.

This library makes uses of efficient Java2D scaling techniques advocated by the Java2D team which provides hardware accelerated operations on most platforms.

This library also implements the optimized incremental scaling algorithm proposed by Chris Campbell with some minor enhancements for good-looking (and quick) thumbnail generation (previously only possible with the discouraged Image.getScaledInstance method using the much slower SCALE_AREA_AVERAGE algorithm).

Last updated on February 6th, 2012

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