BlackBerry Enterprise Server Performance Pack

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The application sends administrators a daily report of BlackBerry Provisioning of handheld distribution across multiple BlackBerry Enterprise Servers and multiple exchange mailbox servers.




BlackBerry Enterprise Server has become an integral part of the IT infrastructure in more than 10,000 different organizations around the globe. In most of these organizations, the BlackBerry user population is also steadily growing. If you are an IT Manager, CIO, or even a Systems Administrator, you may be interested in a reporting tool for BlackBerry Enterprise Server that will help you provide even better service to your end users as well as optimize staffing and budget planning. The itrezzoAgent BES Performance Pack helps you get a pulse on your internal BlackBerry deployments, new user provisioning, migrations, client licensing, server resource utilization, and potentially reduce help desk staffing requirements. When armed with the current trend of BlackBerry growth, and the historical data to back it up, you will have strong justification for your upcoming hardware, software and staffing budgets.

The itrezzoAgent BES Performance Pack takes a "Read Only" snapshot of your BlackBerry server on a daily basis and archives the information. It than tabulates information and will send you an email message at the end of the business day summarizing the following types of information:

- BlackBerry Server names, SRP IP's, Current BES software release level
- Net handhelds added today, week to date, and month to date
- User count (by BES)
- User count (By Exchange server)
- User count by Protocol (GRPS, 1X, iDEN etc)
- Users accounts that were deleted but still exist on BES
- Users with no BlackBerry handheld activity for 21 days or more
- Report on the number of CAL Licenses available/over subscribed (in a future release)
- Report on the number of users capable of wireless synchronization

If you would like a free 60 day license, please contact the itrezzo Sales Department and ask about the BES Performance Pack.
Last updated on February 16th, 2007

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