TotalCross Virtual Machine

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Virtual Machine which allows to run applications written in TotalCross.





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TotalCross (totally cross-platform) is a mobile development platform for PDA and smartphones. Using the Java language it makes possible to develop portable applications to deploy in a wide range of market smartphones without any adaptation in the source code (“write once run anywhere” concept) since TotalCross virtual machine has been installed. TotalCross has replaced SuperWaba platform, that was discontinued, and applications can be easily converted to run over this new platform using SW2TC tool which is included in the new SDK.

The new TotalCross virtual machine (entirely rebuild) has a better performance due to a new instruction set that eliminates limitations in the existing SuperWaba virtual machine, with enhancements such as unlimited object size, preemptive threads and a new high-performance garbage collector that is 20 times faster than the older one. Additionally, deployed files are now compacted, to achieve a 30% reduction in size over SuperWaba applications.

New features were also added to the TotalCross SDK, including network connectivity management support, component editing with masks, applications without graphical interface, line and bar graphs, preemptive threads, SSL support and native implementation of the most used encryption algorithms, an unlimited sized anti-aliases fonts and support for screen rotation on devices like the Tungsten TX, Qtec, iPhone etc.
Last updated on January 23rd, 2013

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