AccuPay for HanDBase 1.0

Bil splitter for HanDBase.

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Richard A. Dabbs
C: \ Finance \ Financial Calculators
This program is VERY useful in those situations where you have gone out with several people and the waiter/waitress puts everything on one tab and it is up to you to split the tab accordingly. AccuPay.PDB currently has links to 2 other databases, AccuPayItems and AccuPayQty. Features include the ability to enter partial quantities of items for when you "split the appetizer" or split that pitcher of your favorite beverage with several of your friends. Also includes a tip estimator and sales tax calculator.

I wrote this out of a very frustrating evening at a restaurant where there were 16 of us supposedly on separate checks and the waitress informed us at the end of the meal that she was new and only knew how to put everything on one check! This could also be used by a waiter/waitress as a courtesy to their patrons to "fairly" split the bill. Be sure and note the way the Sales tax must be entered i.e. 1.05 for 5%, 1.00 for 0%, etc. I was limited by the # of fields available in HanDbase, so you may need to enter multiple records for a single tab. No documentation is included but the program includes 1 sample record and should be self-explanatory. There are 3 databases in the ZIP file; AccuPay.PDB, AccuPayItems.PDB and AccuPayQty.PDB. All must be installed for AccuPay to work properly. Enjoy.

Last updated on February 14th, 2007


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