2360: Battle for Cydonia

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Pulse-pounding, finger shaking action awaits you in this sci-fi thriller.






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2360: Battle for Cydonia is Brisk Mobile's latest action adventure game! 21 levels of pulse-pounding, finger shaking action await you in this sci-fi thriller. Set in the future, on the planet Mars, warring factions battle for the right to colonize the red planet. You find yourself thrown into the center of turmoil piloting an advanced weapon, the Datalus-5, for the resistance. Will it be enough? Can you turn the tide of battle in time?

Innovative touch responses put you in control. Draw a path and watch your weapon of war obey your commands. Firing on multiple enemies? No problem. With multi-touch capabilities tap on multiple foes to redirect your fire. You can even drag your finger across the screen to lay down a sheet of covering fire!

Crisp visual effects from lasers, missiles and other weapons combine with clear sound effects and a roaring sound track to make Battle for Cydonia an instant hit. Whether you are new to gaming or a seasoned vet – Cydonia will challenge and impress you.
Last updated on January 21st, 2013
2360: Battle for Cydonia2360: Battle for Cydonia2360: Battle for Cydonia2360: Battle for Cydonia2360: Battle for Cydonia

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