Lines for Symbian 1.0

You have to arrange colored balls on a board to form lines from balls of identical colors. Lines of five or more balls vanish from the board, increasing your score.
Lines is by far one of the most addictive games you will play. On the surface the gameplay is very simple - you''ll pick up the basics in about 60 seconds. Random colored balls gradually appear on a grid of squares. You have a simple objective: align five or more balls of the same color into one row and they will disappear leaving place for new ones.

To move a ball, position the cursor on it and press FIRE button (or 5) - a visual effect will show that the ball is selected. Then place the cursor on the destination field and press FIRE button again. If the move is legal, the ball will be jumping to its new position. Balls can be moved for unlimited distances vertically and horizontally, but not diagonally, and there must be a free path from their origin to their destination.

Aligning five or more of the game pieces of the same color in vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines, will make them disappear and you will score points.
A disappeared line of 5 gets you 3 points, 6 balls gets 5 points, 7 balls - 7 points, 8 balls - 9 points, and 9 is 11 points.

Main features:

  • Three Difficulty Levels: NOVICE - 6 colors, ADVANCED - 7 colors, and EXPERT, played with balls of 8 colors.
  • If you want to pass your turn, press 7.
  • Don't forget about three new balls each move unless a line has disappeared!

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Lines for Symbian

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