Mahjong Solitaire (BlackBerry Pearl) 1.0

Relax, meditate and prepare your concentration for this challenging tile-sorting mental workout.

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Mahjong Solitaire (BlackBerry Pearl)Mahjong Solitaire (BlackBerry Pearl)Mahjong Solitaire (BlackBerry Pearl)
Mahjong Solitaire is a puzzle game based on the classic Chinese game for four persons. The goal of the game is to remove all tiles from the board by paired matching. Try this game for excellent graphics and long term addictive play. Match tiles to gain points. The faster you match tiles, the more points you earn. Once the pair of matching tiles is selected then they are cleared from the board. Clear all tiles from the board to win the round.

The Rules:

There are 144 tiles at the beginning of the round for a total of 72 pairs. The set of tiles consists of 42 distinct tile types.

A tile can be selected only when the tile has no neighbors to the left or right and has no tile directly above it.
A match occurs when two identical tiles are selected. *A match can also occur when two tiles of Seasons or Flower suit are selected.*

Flowers - the purple characters
Seasons - the blue characters
Wind - the black characters
Won - the various tiles with black/red characters on them (from 1-9)
Bamboo - the various tiles with sticks on them (from 1-9)
Coins - the various tiles with circles on them (from 1-9)
Dragon - Red, Green and White dragon are depicted by the red coloured character, green coloured character and the rectangular square (respectively)

- Move the cursor up,down,left and right to move the cursor
- Press the fire key to highlight a space
- A selected tile will have a black border around it
- Once highlighted, press the fire key selection. A scaled-up preview will be displayed of the highlighted tile
- To un-highlight a piece, or press the fire key
- On a successful match, points will be rewarded and a check mark will flash in the lower right corner
- On an incorrect match, an X will flash in the lower right corner
- Press the back or forward key to return to the in-game menu
- Press the keys on the number pad to align the screen if you can't
see everything on it. 1 aligns to the top left, 9 to the bottom right and so forth

In-Game Menu:
- While in the game, pressing the back key
- From the in-game menu you can shuffle the board, get a hint, get an answer, retry the round, or go to the next round.
- The back key will return to the main menu.
- To return to the game select Continue.
- Selecting hint will show you a tile that has a valid match on the board. You are limited to 7 in each round. There is no penalty for using this.
- Selecting answer will show you both tiles of a valid match. You don't get any points for the next match you make once you've selected this.
- Selecting shuffle will reposition all the remaining tiles on the board. This is useful when there are no valid matches left on a board. You are limited to 5 in each round.
- Retry resets the current round to the initial state.

Main Menu:
- From the main menu you can create a new game, view high, view instructions scores or continue your current game.
- To return to the game select Continue.
- To exit the game, press the return key or choose the exit game selection

Your game will be auto-saved when exiting while a game is currently in progress. The auto-saved game will be loaded when Mahjong Solitaire is launched (just select 'Continue' from the main menu).

Last updated on January 2nd, 2007


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