Pub Checkers (BlackBerry 7xxx) 1.0

Step into a cozy English pub and have a relaxing game of Checkers over a pint with your best mate.
Pub Checkers (BlackBerry 7xxx)
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Classic game of checkers, which involves diagonal moves of uniform pieces and mandatory, captures by jumping over the enemy's pieces. You'll always find some competition down at the pub, always some local competition ranging from the village idiot to the town champ.

The Rules:

Basic pieces can only move and jump forward.
Jumps are mandatory. If you can jump an opponent's piece you must jump it.
When a piece reaches the opponent's side of the board they are kinged. Kings are displayed as a crowned piece. Kings may move in either direction on the board. The winner of the game is the player who eliminates all the opponent's pieces or blocks all the opponent's possible moves.


You can play Pub Checkers in 2 modes.
"Vs Computer" mode pits you against the games artificial intelligence.
"2 Player mode" allows you to pass the phone back and forth between two people.
You may choose whether Red or White makes the first move from the main menu.

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January 5th, 2007, 10:37 GMT
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Pub Checkers (BlackBerry 7xxx)
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3 Screenshots
Pub Checkers (BlackBerry 7xxx)Pub Checkers (BlackBerry 7xxx)

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