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Experience the gambling adventure of a lifetime in this slots game with a board game twist.





Experience the gambling adventure of a lifetime in this slots game with a board game twist.

Move across three different boards representing the great gambling cities of Atlantic City, Monte Carlo and Las Vegas. Use your slots skills to progress, exploring the cities while you win tons of cash! Play using three different slot machines with 3, 4, and 5 reels and up to 9 winning lines. Travel from city to city in the career mode, visiting local attractions and unlocking new slots and bonus games. Mini-games include Three Cups, 7/11 craps and Video Poker.

The Rules:

Get rich quick in this game of classic slot machines with a twist!

Career Mode
Start in Atlantic City and travel all the way to Las Vegas to become King of the Slot Jockeys!

Hit fire to spin.
Use Left/Right after a spin to select a bonus. Press fire to choose it.
Press the 0 key to scroll up to the paytable.

The silver tag will tell you the fixed cost to spin on the track you are on.

After every spin, the small numbers on the bottom right of the slot symbols will tell you how many squares you can advance on the track.

On every square you land on, you will find either a random cash bonus (the $ sign), a location relative to the city you are in (the building symbol), or a bonus to apply after subsequent spins:

- "Shift" one reel up and down one position.
- "Spin" one reel independently of the rest.
- "Hold" locks a single reel and spins the others.
- "Morph" a symbol on the win line. Be quick and you can choose exactly what you need.
- "Swap" two reels to turn a bad roll into a winning combination.
- '?' track stops award you one of the 5 bonuses listed above.

Access the store at any time to buy more bonuses. Keep in mind you have a limit of 9 bonuses per type!

One location in every track will unlock a bonus game. You can make more cash and access it in the Casino Night mode.

Make sure to visit all the locations before you leave a city, it grants an extra cash bonus. Once you get to the next city, a new slot machine will be unlocked for you to play in the Casino Night mode.

Finish all the cities to unlock a special extra hard mode in which to throw all your hard earned cash.

Casino Night
Play all the slot machines and bonus games you have unlocked in the career mode and accumulate money from all of them.

Classic 3, 4, 5 reel slots with up to 6 possible winning lines.

Use Wheel to raise your bet and click to set it. Move Wheel up and down to move the crank like in a real slot machine. For quick spin just press Enter.
Select extra winnings lines with the keypad numbers (2,3,4,5 and/or 6).
Press 0 to look up to the Pay Table and again to go back down to the machine.

Play for the Super Jackpot: every time you win, the house put a quarter of your win in the Jackpot. Unlock the Las Vegas machine and look for Elvis to win the entire Jackpot!

Click Reset Cash to start over from the default cash amount.

Your best results from both Career and Casino Night modes will be stored in the High Scores menu.

Cups Game
A shady character approaches you. Do you think you have quick eyes? See how many times you can find the mouse under the cups.

Press Up/Down to choose your bet. Press fire to start the game. Once the cups stop, choose the right cup and press fire to see if found the mouse.

7/11 Craps
Take a break from the slots with this classic Casino Game. Choose your bet and roll the dice once. If you roll 7 or 11 you win your bet immediately, with 2, 3 or 12 you lose it. If you roll any other number, you get to roll again. If you roll the same number you win the amount of your bet times the modifier on the table. With a 7 you lose, while with any other you roll again. After any roll you can readjust your bet at will.

After the first bet, you can separately bet at the bottom of the board on the outcome of the subsequent rolls before you win or lose.

Choose your bets with Up/Down/Left/Right. Press fire to roll the dice. After the first roll, move around the board to readjust your bet or make separate hardway bets on the bottom of the board.

Video Poker
Join the Poker craze with Holopoker, a classic Video Poker machine. Bet up to 4 credits and get a pair of Jacks or better after having changed up to 5 cards once to win. Look on the pay table to see how much you win.

Choose your bet by pressing up or down, press fire to have your first hand of cards dealt. Press left or right to select the cards and press fire to hold them. Select the side buttons and press fire to deal the new cards.
Last updated on December 18th, 2006
Jackpot City Slots (BlackBerry 7xxx)Jackpot City Slots (BlackBerry 7xxx)Jackpot City Slots (BlackBerry 7xxx)Jackpot City Slots (BlackBerry 7xxx)Jackpot City Slots (BlackBerry 7xxx)

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