Antair Auto-Responder 1.4.1

Antair Auto-Responder allows you to set up custom, automatic email replies to deal with your incoming email.
Antair Auto-Responder allows you to set up custom, automatic email replies to deal with your incoming email.<br /><br />If you are expecting e-mail from clients, Antair Auto-Responder will automatically let them know that you have received their email. There is no need to keep checking your INBOX every few minutes.<br /><br />If you are in a meeting and expect to receive personal email from a family member, your Antair Auto-Responder will let them know exactly where you are, and when they can expect to receive a reply from you.<br /><br />With support for multiple responses, you can have one auto-response going out to your co-workers, while a different one goes out to your family members - even for the same email account.<br /><br /><strong>Your personal contacts are ready to go.</strong><br />Antair Auto-Responder integrates all of your personal BlackBerry contacts. Fully searchable, and selectable with one click, you can easily build custom auto-replies for your friends and colleagues.<br /><br /><strong>Expecting e-mail from the office?</strong><br />You can easily design custom responses which will be sent to specific domains - useful for automatically responding to any colleague sending you e-mail from the office.<br /><br /><strong>Unlimited custom responses.</strong><br />Unlimited custom responses can be created as needed. You can have one response going out to family members, and a different response going out to your colleagues or clients.<br /><br /><strong>Global catch-all responses.</strong><br />Each of your e-mail accounts can have a global catch-all response which will be sent to unexpected senders. If a custom response isn't suitable, a catch-all response will be sent instead.<br /><br /><strong>Full support for personal and corporate device.</strong><br />Antair Auto-Responder supports both personal (BIS) as well as corporate (BES) BlackBerry devices.<br /><br /><strong>Supports all e-mail accounts</strong><br />You can have global catch-all and custom auto-responses for each e-mail account on your device.<br />

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June 9th, 2010, 19:51 GMT
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