Empower Work Folders (BES MailBox)

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Separate your Work and Personal Emails.





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If you are on BES, you have a recurring problem - All your BES emails show up in the default Messages application. That means your Work emails are scattered around and intermixed with emails from all your BIS accounts, and SMS, PIN and Browser Messages etc. Searching is a nightmare.

Not any more! Empower BES MailBox provides a dedicated access to your work emails. Just click on it and you are shown only BES messages! No more searching for that important corporate email from among your 300 unread emails.

What's more, you can also set Folder-based alerts to receive sound notification when an important email arrives!

Clutter-free work emails are now just a click away.
Last updated on March 17th, 2010
Empower Work Folders (BES MailBox)Empower Work Folders (BES MailBox)Empower Work Folders (BES MailBox)

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