AVG AntiVirus Free

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Protect your Android-powered smartphone from malware, locate your lost or stolen device and optimize the performance of your mobile







AVG AntiVirus Free is a security suite that provides comprehensive protection for your Android smartphone. The software can keep your mobile device safe from viruses, spyware and other kinds of malware by scanning installed apps and downloaded files in real-time. In addition, it protects you from phishing attacks and helps you block unwanted calls and messages.

AVG AntiVirus Free can also locate your missing device in case it was lost or stolen. The app shows the location of your phone on a map and can make it ring so you can find it if you misplaced it, as well as erase all content stored in the internal memory or on the SD card in case your mobile landed in the wrong hands.

AVG AntiVirus Free also includes optimization tools that can make your device perform better. Featured utilities include a built-in task manager that can speed up your device by killing running processes, an app uninstaller, a tool for moving apps from the internal memory to the SD card, a battery monitor for saving power, and an internet traffic monitor that can help you prevent data charges by alerting you when you are about to exceed your monthly plan limit.
Last updated on December 30th, 2013
AVG AntiVirus FreeAVG AntiVirus FreeAVG AntiVirus FreeAVG AntiVirus FreeAVG AntiVirus FreeAVG AntiVirus FreeAVG AntiVirus FreeAVG AntiVirus Free

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