BerryTunes - MP3 Player for BlackBerry

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Turn your BlackBerry into a portable sound machine!







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Turn your BlackBerry into a portable sound machine with BerryTunes!

Want to liven up a dull evening? Just startup BerryTunes and you can be the life of the party!

Got some new tunes you want your friends to hear? It's no problem with BerryTunes!

Maybe you just want to relax on the beach and listen to your favorite songs...

If you have ever wanted to hear complete songs on your BlackBerry, now you can.

BerryTunes allows you to transfer MP3 files via your USB cable and listen to them through the speaker on your BlackBerry.

The BerryTunes MP3 Browser for Windows allows you to easily select the MP3 files you want to send to your BlackBerry. Multiple selections can be sent at one time.

You can even preview your songs in the MP3 Browser before transferring them to your BlackBerry.

BerryTunes can convert and store up to 16 full length songs or 16MB of storage, giving you over an hour of compressed music on your BlackBerry. The maximum length of a single song can be up to 12 minutes in length.

For ease of use, we enabled several keyboard shortcuts in BerryTunes to control playback and change the order of the songs on the BlackBerry.


1. This software is not for transferring ringtones to your BlackBerry.
2. Playback is through the BlackBerry speaker only (headphones not supported).
3. Random Seek is not supported (ie. skipping through parts of a song, etc.).
Last updated on December 30th, 2011
BerryTunes - MP3 Player for BlackBerry

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