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Configure a Wifi Proxy on Android.





ProxySetting is a simple application for Google's Android platform that allows users to specify an HTTP Proxy address to use when connected to a Wifi network.

At the time of writing Android only allows HTTP traffic to be directed at a proxy when using a Mobile network. It is likely that Android will be updated in the future to support the use of Proxies on Wifi networks, but for now this application aims to solve the problem.


ProxySetting only allows the browser to work behind a proxy, because the browser checks for a configured proxy in the database and uses that proxy if the phone is on a mobile network, but the other apps don't do this.

The ProxySetting app updates the relevant information in the database and then sends a notification to the browser that the phone is using a mobile network (even though it's actually on wifi). So the browser thinks it's on a mobile network and updates it's proxy information, requests are then sent over wifi to the proxy.

The other apps seem to ignore the proxy settings (possibly they're not using HTTP and the proxy settings are specific to HTTP).
Last updated on June 24th, 2009

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