Business - Professional Ringtone Collection

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Professional ringtones for (not only) business men and women.






You would like to sound your high-tech mobile phone, smartphone or even your pocket-pc like a high-tech equipment and not like a toy or a song player?

Here it is, a collection of 180+ sounds, specially recorded in a REAL SOUND STUDIO, with standalone sound modules, samplers, effect racks and a 72 channel digital mixing console.

The idea was born by the day I bought a pocket-pc with a integrated cell phone. Really, high tech with plenty of possibilities. But when I got an incoming call, the ringtones are sounding poor, like a singing biddy, a rapping chicken, a landing spacecraft etc ...

... an alternative are only chart songs ... but to be honest, is your phone ringing for 3 minutes before you take a call? And when I want to listen to mp3 music, I am always using the media player and a good set of headphones. What if you are in a business meeting and your phone is barking or ... ?

The solution - The Business - Professional Ringtone Collection

In this collection you will find only sounds, wich are sounding like ringtones. No complete songs or animal sounds, etc. All well sorted in categories.

Categories in this package

Real Ringtones (including analog and digital real phones)
Future Ringtones (in 20 years, all phones will ring like this)
Melody Ringtones (a short but noticeable melody ringing)
Morphing Ringtones (e.g. begins as analog bell - then digital and back)
Effect Ringtones (not only a "boing" even those are true ringtones)
Ethnic Ringtones (with african, indian, australien, etc. sounds)
Fun Ringtones (even those are not only like barking, etc.)
**NEW in V2.0**, Voice Rings (combined with future/real ringtones, use these ringtones with caller-id programs)
**NEW in V3.0**, Notification Sounds (for e.g. incoming SMS, MMS, etc.)
**NEW in V3.4**, Notification Voice-Sounds (Incoming SMS, MMS, etc.)

All those sounds were recorded in the sound studio of DirectDance musicproduction. The package includes ready to use mp3 and wav ringtones, all optimized to play loud and clear on your cell phone.

The result is a unique collection with ringtones, sounding like ringtones.

Give your high-tech mobile phone what it needs - high value sounds !

Please download the trial / demo version first to get an impression what you will get. To repeat, if you are searching for complete songs or ordinary effect sounds, this package is not for you ...
Last updated on September 4th, 2006
Business - Professional Ringtone Collection

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