Viggle for iOS

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Mobile application that allows you to earn real rewards by checking in to TV shows and matching songs with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch





Viggle is a mobile application that rewards you for watching TV. The app analyzes the audio to detect what show you are watching and allows you to check in.

For each check-in, you will be given Viggle Points which you can use to redeem rewards such as music, gift cards, electronics, etc. Rewards come from top brands like Apple, Best Buy, Groupon, Gap, JCPenney, Fandango, Papa John's, Royal Caribbean and others.

Also, after checking in, you will be able to access more content related to the show, interact with other fans, take quizzes, answer polls and play games.

In addition, you can match songs the same way as with TV shows and purchase them to earn more points. Bonus points can also be obtained by inviting your friends and family to follow you on Viggle.
Last updated on August 20th, 2014
Viggle for iOSViggle for iOSViggle for iOSViggle for iOS

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