IMDb Movies & TV (iPhone/iPad)

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Explore IMDb's comprehensive database of movies, TV shows and celebrities while on the go right on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch






IMDb offers you on the go access to the popular database of movies, TV shows and celebrities. For each listed title you can view its synopsis, who starred in it, who made it, trailers, photos, quotes, trivia, goofs, ratings and reviews. In addition, you can look up and find details on specific actors, directors and crew members.

IMDb also includes a variety of charts that can help you easily find movies to watch. Here you can find award winners, top movies of all time, most popular films by genre and year, trending movies and other useful charts.

In addition, the app provides information on what movies are running in theaters along with showtimes, TV listings, upcoming films, DVD releases, the latest industry-related news, etc.
Last updated on August 29th, 2014
IMDb Movies & TV (iPhone/iPad)IMDb Movies & TV (iPhone/iPad)IMDb Movies & TV (iPhone/iPad)IMDb Movies & TV (iPhone/iPad)IMDb Movies & TV (iPhone/iPad)

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