ESET Mobile Security (Android)

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Comprehensive security solution that can protect your Android-powered smartphone or tablet against malware, theft, phishing and spam






ESET Mobile Security provides complete protection for your Android smartphone or tablet. The software can keep you safe from malware, theft, phishing and spam.

ESET Mobile Security features a built-in antivirus that scans all your installed apps in real-time. Its underlying scanning engine can detect both known and unknown threats. Moreover, integration with the ESET Live Grid cloud-based security service keeps you protected against the latest viruses and vulnerabilities.

In case you have lost your phone or it has been stolen, ESET Mobile Security can help you locate it on a map and remotely lock it. The app features uninstall protection, preventing unauthorized users from removing it or tampering with its settings.

ESET Mobile Security also sports a range of extra features, available by purchasing the Premium version of the app.

The Premium version includes a SMS and call filter that can protect you from spam and unwanted messages and calls by blacklisting specific phone numbers.

In addition, the app comes with an anti-phishing module that safeguards sensitive data, such credit card details and passwords, from being leaked.

The software can also protect your sensitive data in case your phone was stolen by allowing you to remotely delete all your personal information and files using SMS commands. Remote wipe functionality works even if the SIM card is changed.

The Premium version can also help you detect which installed apps present security risks by telling you what permissions they need.
Last updated on May 13th, 2014
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