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This is a bunch of highly useful tools that are often required for different purposes.

Widget is provided for handy use.

Tools in brief:

1. Magnetic field detector
Checks for magnetic field near your mobile.
Readings in micro Tesla.
Bars provided for quick perception
'Beep beep' sound provided. The sound intensifies as you go near magnetic field
Graphs to track/find patterns of magnetic field.

2. Spy Camera
Optimized for spying
Single & Burst mode
Customized gallery
Shutter sound on/off provision.
No preview facility so that the person behind you cannot see that you are taking someone's pic.
Blocked flash light.
As it does not show preview, you can capture anything very fast while the object is still in visibility.

3. Temperature sensor
Thermostat style display.
Celsius & Fahrenheit scales available in thermostat.
Min & Max temperature of the day.
Temperature is calculated in 7 different standards.
Formulas & demonstration of all temperature standards.

4. Audio recorder
A powerful voice recorder!
Widget is provided for quick & handy use. (Start/Stop button)
Widget displays the time as the recording progresses.
Facility to listen to recorded conversations.
Beautiful user interface. Literally.

5. Ghost detector.
Detects nearby presences.
Awesome background.
Scary background music.
Change in image, as a notification for slight detection.
Awesome background image.
At the climax, the music is so awesome that if the ghosts can listen, even they will get scared & go away!

6. Compass.
Shows north direction only.

7. Wifi detector
A powerful wifi detector.
Useful to find all the wifi networks in all areas.
Connect to the network having highest signal strength.
A slider to indicate signal strength.
Unique ID / BSSID of the unit & rates are also shown.

8. Wifi File Browser

Browse, copy & past all the files between SD Card & computer wirelessly from computer.
No USB cable required. This is very useful app for anyone. Requires wifi connection.
All the contents of phone on the computer (browser)
Download any file to the computer.
Zip download
Delete files in the mobile.
Upload. From computer to mobile.
Multiple uploads.
Ultimate user interface.
Notification to check if the tool is still on.
Simple. Fast. Easy.
Last updated on May 6th, 2011
Essential ToolsEssential ToolsEssential ToolsEssential ToolsEssential ToolsEssential ToolsEssential Tools

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