Gemini App Manager

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Powerful app manager for Android smartphones and tablets, featuring task killer, app uninstaller, backup to the SD card, firewall, autorun manager






Gemini App Manager is a powerful utility that can help you to easily manage apps on your Android smartphone or tablet. The software shows detailed information about all installed apps, including size, RAM usage, network traffic, CPU usage (requires root), package name and date; and tells you what permissions each app requires and which of them present security risks.

Gemini App Manager includes a task killer that can improve the performance of your device and save battery by freeing up memory. The software also allows you to uninstall apps, move them to the SD card, clear app cache, view apps on the market, block apps from running and hide them from the drawer.

Users with rooted devices can also view which apps start automatically at boot and prevent unwanted ones from loading. Also, they can use the firewall function to deny apps access to the WiFi, 2G or 3G network.
Last updated on August 12th, 2014
Gemini App ManagerGemini App ManagerGemini App ManagerGemini App ManagerGemini App Manager

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