SwiftKey Keyboard

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Type faster on your Android device with this on-screen keyboard that features accurate autocorrection and next-word prediction technologies





SwiftKey is a virtual keyboard that can help you type faster on your Android smartphone. The app features advanced autocorrection and next-word prediction technologies, powered by artificial intelligence algorithms. Text can be entered in the usual way by tapping on the letters, as well as by swiping your finger across the letters of the word.

SwiftKey learns your writing style by analyzing your language use from Facebook and Twitter posts, Gmail and Yahoo emails and sent SMS messages. The data is stored in the cloud and available on all your devices.

SwiftKey supports more than 60 languages. In addition, it allows you to enable up to three languages at the same time.
Last updated on June 11th, 2014
SwiftKey KeyboardSwiftKey KeyboardSwiftKey KeyboardSwiftKey KeyboardSwiftKey Keyboard

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