Tiny Battery Widget 1.1.2

Battery widget for Android

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What's new in Tiny Battery Widget 1.1.2:

  • settings button in top right corner
  • fix: crash reports from market
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Martin Florek
C: \ System Utilities \ Enhancements
4 Tiny Battery Widget Screenshots:
Tiny Battery WidgetTiny Battery WidgetTiny Battery WidgetTiny Battery Widget
This does not open, it is a Home screen 1x1 widget only. Place on homescreen with Menu > Add > Widgets > Tiny Battery Widget. If it does not show in widgets' list, move it to the internal memory (widgets do not work when on SD card).

Multiple icon sizes (widget is always 1x1, but icon can be large, normal or tiny) and customizable colors for different values of the battery level!

It shows exact battery level also for some Motorola devices (1% steps tested on droid x. it is a precise value not an estimate). Battery level text on the widget can be hidden (check settings). Charging indication is via a different color of the battery level or via a different color of the USB icon. All this can be modified in the settings.

You can choose from three different battery icon sizes: big (default), normal and tiny

To quickly toggle some system settings, just tap the battery.
- turn WiFi on/off
- turn Bluetooth on/off
- turn GPS on/off
- turn mobile data on/off
- turn airplane mode on/off (optional, enable in settings)

Mobile data switch toggles only mobile data, mms will always work. It is compatible with APNdroid.

To quickly access WiFi/BT/GPS/APN settings, tap the settings button next to the toggle button.

There is also a quick screen brightness option. Just move the sun on the seekbar.

Battery colors can be customized. There are three levels: Full (> 70%), Medium (> 25%) and Warning (< 25%), which are customizable through settings. Default colors are green, yellow and red, respectively. Hit the menu button when the Settings Toggler dialog is visible. Also the battery opacity can be changed.

Settings toggler dialog can be automatically closed after some events e.g. WiFi connected/disabled, BT enabled/disabled (check the settings).

Internet access is for Ads only and GPS is for quick enable/disable only.

Uninstall with mobile data enabled or you will have to manually edit APN names to enable it (or just install back the Tiny Battery Widget or APNdroid to re-enable mobile data).

Last updated on November 12th, 2012


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