Escort Live Radar for iPhone

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Social networking for the road.






Escort Live is the world's first connected, real time radar and laser defense network that employs the eyes and alerts of countless 'scout' drivers. The connected reach of the nation's smartphone network and the intelligent processing power of the Escort Live host working in tandem give drivers the ability to accurately know where every threat awaits, even before they leave their driveway.

The result is social networking for the road - Escort Live allows you to know sooner, react faster, share important information and help you Drive Smarter.

In addition, Escort Live includes the Escort Defender Database which provides accurate speed camera, red light camera and speed trap information, alerting you in advance so that you can safely navigate high threat locations.

Plus, Escort Live uses GPS to accurately display your vehicle speed, posted speed limit data and even conveniently alerts you with over speed limit alerts.
Last updated on August 30th, 2014
Escort Live Radar for iPhoneEscort Live Radar for iPhoneEscort Live Radar for iPhoneEscort Live Radar for iPhone

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