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Clumsy Ninja for Android

Enjoy countless hours of fun training and interacting with a virtual ninja who lives inside your A...

April 30th, 11:53 GMT

Gravity Falls Mystery Shack Attack for iOS 1.1.0

Help Dipper and Mabel stop the onslaught of the supernatural creatures summoned by Lil' Gideon in ...

April 29th, 14:24 GMT

Crystal Defenders for BlackBerry 2.0

Fend off wave after wave of invaders before they reach the crystals in this fast-paced tower defen...

April 29th, 14:00 GMT

iKubik for iOS 1.1

Get your cubes to the destination before your opponent does in this simple, yet addictive puzzle g...

April 29th, 11:35 GMT

eVow for Android 1.43.257

Dating application that enables you to find singles living nearby, chat and flirt with them right ...

April 29th, 09:40 GMT

Zombie HQ for Windows Phone

Stop the undead menace using a variety of weapons and rescue the survivors of the zombie apocalyps...

April 28th, 13:25 GMT

Zombie Tsunami for Windows Phone

Control a horde of zombies and bite the living to add them to your ranks in this addictive endless...

April 28th, 13:21 GMT

Bomb Buds for iOS 1.0.280

Assemble a team of buds with different abilities and lead them in turn-based battles against the e...

April 28th, 12:50 GMT
  • RPG
  • 140 KB

Monster Adventures for Android

Create your own monsters and send them on quests in this action RPG with roguelike and adventure e...

April 28th, 11:36 GMT

Tap Zoo for Android 1.34

Become the manger of your own virtual zoo and discover hundreds of cute animals in this addictive ...

April 28th, 07:49 GMT

Beat the Beast for iOS 2.0.1

Stop the armies of vicious beasts from invading your kingdom in this strategic tower defense game ...

April 25th, 13:45 GMT

Instantion for iOS 1.0

Solve a variety of mind-bending puzzles using multiple clones in this challenging brain teaser wit...

April 25th, 09:55 GMT

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff for Android

Help the Griffin family rebuild the city of Quahog in this hilarious game for Android devices, bas...

April 25th, 07:46 GMT

Mikey Hooks for iOS 1.4

Help the protagonist rescue the people by running, jumping, sliding and swinging in this fun arcad...

April 25th, 05:56 GMT

Demonrock: War of Ages for iOS 1.1

Choose your hero and fight your way through the enemy hordes in this action-packed hack & slash fo...

April 24th, 13:49 GMT

Photowall for Chromecast for iOS 1.1

iOS application that allows multiple users to create collaborative collages and display them on th...

April 24th, 09:30 GMT

Paper Spiral - Sketch and Go 1.1

Intuitive drawing application that allows you to paint on an endless canvas using a variety of bru...

April 24th, 09:06 GMT

Nokia Video Upload

Mobile application that makes it easy to upload videos stored on your Nokia Lumia smartphone to Yo...

April 24th, 08:09 GMT

Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink for Android 1.0

Uncover the mystery behind a series of strange earthquakes in this steampunk detective adventure g...

April 24th, 07:51 GMT

CloudDirect for iOS 3.8.6

Cloud Direct : ABC mobile companion that enables users to easily access their files and collaborat...

April 23rd, 13:51 GMT

Restaurant Story: Springtime for Android

Become the manager of your own virtual restaurant and turn it into a thriving business in this add...

April 23rd, 13:39 GMT

Skyman for iOS 1.3.5

Take on the role of a stuntman and fly as far as possible in order to earn as much money as you ca...

April 23rd, 12:23 GMT

Mines of Mars for iOS 1.06

Embark on a thrilling mining expedition on Mars to uncover its secrets in this atmospheric adventu...

April 23rd, 08:27 GMT

Brave Guardians HD for iPad 1.0.3

Protect a fantasy world from the forces of evil in this challenging tower defense game for iPhone,...

April 22nd, 13:48 GMT

FreeDum for iOS 1.0

Help a hapless ladybug escape from a maze filled with devious traps in this addictive action puzzl...

April 22nd, 13:32 GMT

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Rat on a Skateboard for Android 1.21

Help Ratty practice his skateboarding skills in this fast-paced, side-scrolling arcade game for An...

April 22nd, 13:09 GMT
  • RPG
  • 1 KB

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition for Android

Play the epic role-playing game released in the late 90s right on your Android smartphone or tablet

April 22nd, 11:54 GMT

Little Big Adventure for iOS 1.02

Play the classic action adventure game originally released in the 90s right on your iPhone, iPad o...

April 22nd, 07:48 GMT

Zombie Highway for Android 1.8

Drive your car as far as possible while shooting down the zombies before they jump on your vehicle...

April 22nd, 06:01 GMT

WinZip for BlackBerry 1.1.102

Mobile application that allows you to extract the contents of ZIP archives stored on your BlackBer...

April 18th, 13:33 GMT
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