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  • Diet
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MyPersonalDiet (iPhone) 1.6

Manage your weight, fitness and health by defining, tracking and monitoring your own diet and nutr...

September 28th, 12:47 GMT

MySportTraining (iPhone) 1.6

MySportTraining is designed to track and improve your health & fitness, and to motivate you to exe...

September 28th, 12:42 GMT

Phil's Fractal Wallpaper Lite 1.0

Wallpaper changer with high quality fractal wallpapers.

September 27th, 12:47 GMT

Doomsday Clock Widget 1.1

An Android widget that displays the minutes to figurative midnight of the Doomsday Clock maintaine...

September 23rd, 13:34 GMT

DailyBibleVerse Widget 1.8

Android widget that displays Bible Verse of day and updates verse automatically daily.

September 14th, 09:14 GMT

iZombieland 1.4.9

As the heroic zombie killing artiste, Tallahassee, fight for your life and laugh in a horrific and...

September 9th, 06:46 GMT

Underworld Rise of the Lycans 1.3.13

Join the war between Lycans and Vampires.

September 9th, 06:17 GMT

NIKEiD for iPad 1.0

Create your perfect design anywhere, with NIKEiD for iPad.

September 8th, 06:37 GMT

Frontier Silicon - Wireless Device Remote Control 1.0

This app is a remote control for Venice 6.2 based internet connected audio devices.

September 6th, 08:47 GMT

Thinking Space 2.0

Thinking Space is a Mind Mapping application for Android phones.

August 31st, 10:23 GMT
  • GPS
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Trapster (BlackBerry) 4.0.0

Trapster is a free service that allows users to share the location of police speed traps using the...

August 30th, 12:50 GMT

MultiTask Manager

MultiTask Manager is an app switcher/manager for Android.

August 30th, 10:09 GMT

Katy Perry Revenge 1.0

Tap the targets flying down your touchscreen to the beats of Katy Perry's biggest hits.

August 25th, 14:26 GMT
  • Clock
  • 1.72 KB

iClock 1.1

An exact replica of the iPhone's clock app.

August 25th, 09:43 GMT

Mirror for Samsung Phones 1.4

Mirror for Samsung phones with secondary camera.

August 23rd, 10:13 GMT

PDF Files Search Engine Free beta 1

Millions of free books, documents, etc. available to you for download in PDF format.

August 23rd, 08:30 GMT

BEIKS Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words for BlackBerry 5.5

Free Bible dictionary of New Testament for BlackBerry.

August 18th, 10:08 GMT

FingerPrint (Android) 1.0

Play a trick with your friend to unlock the phone with your fingerprint.

August 16th, 09:08 GMT

FingerPrint (BlackBerry) 1.0

Play a trick with your friend to unlock the phone with your fingerprint.

August 16th, 08:45 GMT

nUnLock (BlackBerry) 1.3

Slide to unlock like iPhone and customize your homescreen in your own way!

August 16th, 08:41 GMT

Langenscheidt Großwörterbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache for Android 2.1.29

German explanatory dictionary for Android.

August 13th, 08:34 GMT

Langenscheidt Standard-Wörterbuch Spanisch for Android 2.1.29

Bidirectional German - Spanish dictionary for Android.

August 13th, 08:31 GMT

Langenscheidt Standard-Wörterbuch Italienisch for Android 2.1.29

Bidirectional German - Italian dictionary for Android.

August 13th, 08:27 GMT

Langenscheidt Standard-Wörterbuch Englisch for Android 2.1.29

Bidirectional German - English dictionary for Android.

August 13th, 08:23 GMT
  • Puzzle
  • 4.46 KB

Dora the Explorer Puzzle 1.0.3

Great jigsaw puzzle game of Dora the Explorer.

August 11th, 09:43 GMT

live downloads


IQ Farm 1.00

A challenge to your momentary memory.

August 4th, 08:37 GMT

nookMedia 0.0.2

Media Player for the nook.

July 28th, 14:03 GMT
  • Kids
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Kids Connect the Dots 1.5.2

A dot-to-dot game for preschoolers.

July 27th, 12:09 GMT

Logic Picross 1.3

The classical Nonogram puzzle.

July 21st, 10:18 GMT

Album Art Live Wallpaper 1.2

This live wallpaper shows your album art collection on the homescreen using the Android music libr...

July 21st, 08:13 GMT
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