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Disney Infinity: Action! for iOS 1.1.3

Create movies starring you alongside popular Disney characters like Jack Skellington, Mr. Incredib...

November 25th, 10:30 GMT
  • SMS
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Free SMS Sender for Android 1.0.0

Send free text messages via various SMS gateways, including Way2SMS, 160by2, ULTOO, Full On SMS, S...

November 25th, 08:11 GMT

Smart Mobile Data Switcher 1.0.2

Automatically disable 3G when connected to WiFi and enable it later when you leave the hotspot cov...

November 20th, 12:27 GMT

4shared (BlackBerry) 1.2.1

Download and upload files to your 4shared account and share them with other people from anywhere u...

November 18th, 09:09 GMT

Avengers Initiative for Windows Phone

Play as Hulk or Captain America and fight notorious villains in this 3D action game for Windows Ph...

November 6th, 13:43 GMT

Alien Shooter EX for Android 1.02.09

Take on the role of a skilled soldier and defend humankind from an alien invasion in this futurist...

November 4th, 13:06 GMT

Ghosts of Mistwood for iOS 1.1.83

Restore a haunted estate to its former glory and rescue your kidnapped aunt in this spooky village...

November 1st, 09:12 GMT

Jetpack Joyride for BlackBerry

Fly awesome jetpacks and try to make it as far as possible in this action-packed endless runner fo...

November 1st, 08:33 GMT

Kingdom Builder Free for iPad 1.1

Build the most flourishing kingdom in this mobile adaptation of the award-winning strategy board g...

October 31st, 08:00 GMT

iSpyoo 7.0

Remote spy software and keylogger that records all activity taking place on the Android smartphone...

October 25th, 14:20 GMT

Waze (BlackBerry 10) 1.101.9655

Voice-guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation solution that uses driver-contributed data to keep you up...

October 24th, 08:36 GMT

Skiing Fred for BlackBerry

Race across snow-covered landscapes in this high-speed skiing game for mobile devices powered by t...

October 23rd, 06:32 GMT

CrazyRemote Lite for Android 2.4.4

Useful application that turns your Android smartphone or tablet into a wireless remote control for...

October 22nd, 11:51 GMT

CrazyRemote Lite for iOS 2.4.4

Useful application that turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a wireless remote control for y...

October 22nd, 11:39 GMT

CrazyRemote Pro for iOS 2.4.4

Useful application that turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a wireless remote control for y...

October 22nd, 11:09 GMT

The Forgotten Nightmare (BlackBerry)

Text-based adventure game where you play the role of a person who wakes up in a desolated town aft...

October 18th, 11:12 GMT

FilmOn for iOS 1.0.16

Watch hundreds of live and on-demand television channels from wherever you are, streamed to your i...

October 17th, 09:31 GMT

Touch Mouse 1.0

Use your iPhone to remotely control your Windows or Mac OS computer over WiFi by turning it into a...

October 17th, 08:31 GMT
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Weibo HD for Android 2.5.6

Stay up to date with what is happening all around the world with the official mobile client for th...

October 16th, 08:09 GMT

Flipcase 1.0.1

Play the classic Connect Four board game against a friend on the same device in a new way using th...

October 14th, 14:16 GMT

Brightstone Mysteries: Paranormal Hotel 1.0

Explore a haunted castle and uncover the mysteries of an ancient Egyptian cult in this supernatura...

October 14th, 13:13 GMT

Glance Background

Easy-to-use application that allows you to personalize your Nokia Lumia smartphone by changing the...

October 10th, 14:10 GMT
  • Chat
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Steam Chat

Stay connected with all your friends on Steam and see what games they are playing with this unoffi...

October 4th, 08:55 GMT

TheTruthSpy 3.8

Spy software that allows you to monitor target phone and track its location, view call history, re...

October 2nd, 09:48 GMT
  • Sports
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Madden NFL 25 for Android 1.1

Assemble your own dream team using real NFL players and lead it to victory in this realistic footb...

September 20th, 09:32 GMT

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Flight Theory Free for BlackBerry

Test your airplane piloting skills in this realistic flight simulation game with beautiful 3D grap...

September 20th, 09:06 GMT

Open Doors to Escape for iOS 1.1

Escape from the room by unlocking the door in this challenging puzzle game for iOS devices that re...

September 19th, 14:10 GMT

Flipboard for BlackBerry 1.0.621

Read the latest news, blog posts and updates from your social networks in a magazine-like format o...

September 19th, 12:53 GMT

Chicken Invaders 2 for Windows Phone

Defend humanity from the chicken invaders in this action-packed space shooter for mobile devices p...

September 19th, 09:06 GMT

Bakery Story: Fall Treats for Android

Run your own virtual bakery in this entertaining time management game for mobile devices powered b...

September 17th, 12:29 GMT
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