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Dragon Quest VIII for iOS 1.0.0

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in this immersive role-playing game with 3D graphics, set in ...

May 29th, 11:46 GMT

Neon Commander for iOS 1.0.2

Prevent the alien invaders from destroying Earth in this innovative arcade line-drawing game for i...

May 29th, 10:00 GMT

Theme Park for Android 4.5.49

Run your own virtual theme park and customize it with a variety of attractions and shops in this c...

May 29th, 09:42 GMT

AE Roundy Dash for iOS 1.0.0

Race as far as possible in order to get the highest score in this fun side-scrolling endless runni...

May 29th, 09:38 GMT

9 Clues: The Secret of Serpent Creek for BlackBerry

Solve the mystery of a missing journalist and uncover the terrible secrets of Serpent Creek in thi...

May 29th, 09:33 GMT

Hazumino for iOS 1.1

Addictive platformer for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that combines endless runner gameplay with bl...

May 29th, 09:04 GMT

Tank Ace 1944 HD for iOS 2.0

Take control of a World War II tank and blow up the enemy forces in this action-packed third-perso...

May 28th, 13:37 GMT

Overkill for Android 2.0.8

Take on the role of a mercenary and slay everything that moves in this action-packed first-person ...

May 28th, 13:29 GMT

Dracula 4: The Shadow of the Dragon HD (Full) for iOS 1.0.3

Witness the conflict between Dracula, the first vampire, and the secret order Shadow of the Dragon...

May 28th, 12:56 GMT

Yahoo! Cricket for Android 1.4.4

Mobile app that allows you to stay up to date with all that is going on in the world of cricket ri...

May 28th, 11:44 GMT

Gravity Falls Mystery Shack Attack for Android 1.0

Help Dipper and Mabel stop the onslaught of the supernatural creatures summoned by Lil' Gideon in ...

May 28th, 11:40 GMT

Number Guru for Windows Phone

Useful mobile application that can help you find out who is calling you and allows you to perform ...

May 28th, 11:29 GMT

Smash Bandits Racing for iOS 1.07.24

Get behind the wheel of a getaway car and outrun the cops chasing you in this action-packed racing...

May 28th, 11:29 GMT

Castle of Illusion for Windows Phone

Help Mickey Mouse rescue his beloved Minnie Mouse from the evil witch Mizrabel in this Windows Pho...

May 28th, 07:09 GMT

TapDefense for iPad 1.0.0

Stop the onslaught of the invading armies using towers with various abilities in this fun tower de...

May 27th, 13:38 GMT

A Beautiful Mess for Android 1.01

Add beautiful filters, fonts, borders and doodles to your photos to make them look better and shar...

May 27th, 13:03 GMT

Vocabulary.com for Android 1.0.3

Mobile application that allows you to easily improve your vocabulary and to make sure that you don...

May 27th, 12:46 GMT

Statue of Liberty - The Lost Symbol for Android 1.001

Investigate the unbelievable disappearance of the flame of the Statue of Liberty in this captivati...

May 27th, 12:16 GMT

Gravity Cave for Android 1.1

Help Fluff find his way out of a labyrinth by flipping gravity in this fun physics-based puzzler w...

May 27th, 09:23 GMT

Star Walk for Windows Phone

Astronomy application that enables you to quickly identify stars, planets, satellites and constell...

May 27th, 08:35 GMT

Kote for BlackBerry 1.200.0

Feature-packed note taking application that allows you to assign alarms to your notes and to share...

May 27th, 08:26 GMT

Cham Cham for Android 1.4.1

Help a cute chameleon get to the tasty fruits in this addictive puzzle game for Android smartphone...

May 26th, 13:42 GMT

Monument Valley for iOS 1.0.3

Guide a lost princess through a beautiful world inspired by impossible geometry in this surreal pu...

May 26th, 12:21 GMT

Survival Run with Bear Grylls for Windows Phone

Take on the role of famous survival expert, Bear Grylls, and run for your life to escape the relen...

May 26th, 11:45 GMT

JoyJoy for Android 1.03

Destroy wave after wave of incoming enemies using a variety of upgradeable weapons in this intense...

May 26th, 09:49 GMT

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Nokia Glam Me

Handy photography application that makes it easy to take high-quality selfies using the camera of ...

May 23rd, 13:12 GMT

Parking Mania for Windows Phone

Test your driving skills behind the wheel of more than 80 vehicles of different sizes in this fun ...

May 23rd, 12:55 GMT

Millie for Android 1.21

Help a millipede find the way out of a labyrinth by discovering the correct path in this cute puzz...

May 23rd, 11:38 GMT
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Monster Adventures for iOS 1.1.1

Create your own monsters and send them on quests in this action RPG with roguelike and adventure e...

May 23rd, 11:33 GMT

9 Elefants for iOS 1.3

Embark on a thrilling adventure in 1920's Paris and uncover the truth behind a mysterious sect in ...

May 23rd, 09:05 GMT
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