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Muffin Knight for Windows Phone

Help a little boy return the magical muffins to the old fairy by playing as various creatures with...

September 17th, 12:16 GMT

Egg Punch Lite for Android 1.0.2

Help a bird encased in an egg shell to roll and bounce through a 3D environment filled with gadget...

September 17th, 06:48 GMT
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Cool Photo Transfer Free for Android 1.0

Easily send photos in multiple ways from your Android-powered smartphone to your desktop computer ...

September 13th, 11:08 GMT

Wolfram Physics I Course Assistant for Android 1.0.4609133

Solve physics problems on your Android device with this feature-rich software powered by the Wolfr...

September 13th, 08:32 GMT

Wolfram Physics I Course Assistant for iOS 1.1.0

Solve physics problems on your iOS device with this feature-rich software powered by the Wolfram|A...

September 13th, 08:25 GMT

Apex Pack Free for Windows Phone

Get as high as possible to escape the rising lava in this fast-paced survival action game for mobi...

September 12th, 07:34 GMT
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drop2Roll 1.1

Easily transfer multiple photos from your Windows or Mac OS desktop computer to your iPhone, iPad ...

September 11th, 07:25 GMT

Farm Story: Fall Harvest for Android

Become the manager of your own virtual farm in this addictive simulation game for mobile devices p...

September 10th, 08:41 GMT

ZomNomNom Free for Android 1.1.7

Defeat wave after wave of zombies using a wide range of weapons in this action-packed survival sho...

September 9th, 13:14 GMT

Supermarket Management 2 HD for iPad 1.0

Keep your customers happy in this fun time management game for iOS devices, that puts you in charg...

September 6th, 08:13 GMT

Piggly for Windows Phone

Help Mrs. Piggly collect apples in the forest, while avoiding predators and other dangers, in this...

September 5th, 11:13 GMT

LEGO MINDSTORMS 3D Builder for Android 1.0

Mobile guide for Android tablets that provides clear instructions on how to build LEGO MINDSTORMS ...

September 3rd, 14:40 GMT

LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Commander for iPhone/iPad 1.0.0

Remote control application that allows you to give commands to LEGO EV3 robots via Bluetooth from ...

September 3rd, 13:25 GMT

Bumbee for Xperia

Help Bumbee rescue her babies by breaking their ice prisons in this entertaining side-scrolling en...

September 1st, 10:40 GMT

Longbow for iPhone/iPad 2.0

Test your longbow shooting skills with this entertaining 3D archery simulation game for mobile dev...

August 30th, 11:21 GMT

Flight Theory for Windows Phone

Test your airplane piloting skills in this realistic flight simulation game with beautiful 3D grap...

August 30th, 11:16 GMT

Galaxy Bowling for Windows Phone

Test your bowling skills in single-player or local multiplayer in this 3D simulation game with rea...

August 30th, 08:40 GMT

Schulte Grid for Android 1.3

Train your attention and improve your fast reading skills with this casual game where you have to ...

August 29th, 13:39 GMT

Shopping Cart Defense for iPhone/iPad 1.01

Stop the onslaught of the enemy forces using upgradeable units with various abilities in this acti...

August 29th, 08:30 GMT

Shopping Cart Hero 3 for Windows Phone

Use your shopping cart to perform tricks and defeat bosses to save the world in this fun side-scro...

August 29th, 08:24 GMT

Smarty Bubble Shooter for Android 1.0

Create matches of three or more bubbles of the same color in order to make them disappear in this ...

August 28th, 13:12 GMT

Globulous Free for iPhone/iPad 1.6

Create matches of three or more blocks of the same type on a sphere made of blocks in this innovat...

August 28th, 07:08 GMT

Helipedia for Android 1.1

Find out everything there is to know about helicopters in this first part of a mobile encyclopedia...

August 27th, 14:23 GMT
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LEGO DUPLO ZOO for iPhone/iPad 1.03

Entertaining iOS game for preschoolers where they have to build roads and bridges, and assemble ca...

August 26th, 11:15 GMT

IBUg app 2.0

Find out all you need to know about the IBUg Urban Culture Festival taking place in Germany with t...

August 26th, 09:01 GMT

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Life of Wolf for Android 1.0

Take on the role of a lonely wolf and hunt animals across various 3D environments in order to sati...

August 22nd, 09:02 GMT

Prize Claw for Windows Phone

Collect fabulous prizes with the motorized claw and have fun at the same time in this arcade machi...

August 20th, 08:50 GMT

Coin Dozer for Windows Phone

Win fabulous prizes and have fun at the same time in this coin pusher simulation game with realist...

August 20th, 08:43 GMT

The Forgotten Nightmare 2 (BlackBerry) 1.0.6

Embark on a thrilling journey to an unknown destination in this text-based adventure game for Blac...

August 2nd, 13:30 GMT

Learn Portuguese with babbel.com on iPad 3.0.5

Learn Portuguese words, with images, pronunciation and sentence examples, using this advanced voca...

July 31st, 06:47 GMT
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