Swype (Android) Changelog

New in version 1.6.19

August 21st, 2014
  • NEW: MLS Keyboard Themes for Swype! Hold down the Swype key and select "Themes" to get them now!
  • Significant UI updates and improvements for all themes
  • Many bug fixes and optimizations
  • Updated default Korean dictionary
  • Fixed missing Pinyin delimiter on Pinyin keyboard
  • Fixed crashes reported by users

New in version (May 15th, 2014)

  • Improved user adaptation and word completion for tapped words
  • Strengthened syncing logic surrounding Backup & Sync to reduce data usage
  • Reduced the number of location notifications Swype receives from the Android OS
  • New keyboard languages, Burmese & Khmer
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed a conflict with Android spell checker
  • Fixed issues with UI rendering in Android KitKat
  • Fixed crashes reported by users
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations

New in version (December 20th, 2013)

  • Added SIGNIFICANT performance improvements for tap input, lengthy text entries (e.g. emails), text deletion, and cursor placement.
  • Fixed an issue where the enter key in some versions of the Samsung email app didn’t work properly.
  • Fixed issues with UI rendering in Android KitKat (4.4).
  • Fixed a bug in the LG G2 email app that would result in duplicated letters.
  • Fixed crashes reported by users (thank you!)

New in version (November 13th, 2013)

  • Fixed a crash reported by users
  • Made a few minor behind the scenes improvements

New in version (November 6th, 2013)

  • New Swype features:
  • Bilingual
  • Split and Mini keyboards for phablets
  • Punctuation prediction
  • New theme (“Blackbird”)
  • Combined secondary and tertiary menus
  • Gujarati, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu
  • Accessibility support
  • Search gesture
  • Bug fixes reported by users
  • You can adjust:
  • Long-press delay
  • Vibration duration
  • Keyboard height
  • Keyboard layouts
  • Word list font size
  • New Dragon Dictation features:
  • Phrase-based, real-time results
  • Dictation language independent of keyboard language

New in version (September 4th, 2013)

  • Fixed a bug where helpful tips displayed despite being disabled
  • Fixed a bug where users could not use Handwriting on Keyboard in Chinese
  • Improved Gmail social integration behavior
  • Fixed crashes reported by users (including those via "Report" button)
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations

New in version (August 19th, 2013)

  • Fixed an issue where downloaded languages were not retained after updating

New in version (June 9th, 2013)

  • Fixed an issue with the Enter key that was affecting some users in certain apps.

New in version (June 3rd, 2013)

  • New languages added: Afrikaans, Irish, Javanese, Sesotho, Sundanese, Swahili, Xhosa, Zulu
  • Updated language databases and word models for French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Russian
  • Next word prediction accuracy improvements
  • Dragon Dictation user experience improvements
  • New theme
  • Fixed word duplication bug for HTC One Mail app
  • Fixed crashes reported by users
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations