New in version 5.6.0

August 8th, 2014
  • Culinary Bliss Awaits – Add a little sugar and spice to your life with the new Cooking Hobby! Learn secret family recipes and serve up home cooked meals for all your loved ones – complete the Bread Winner Quest at level 7+
  • No More Burnt Toast – Take on Sim Town’s harshest critics in the Sous Judgmental Quest and unlock an all-new Restaurant and the sharpest threads for your apprentice chef – available at level 16+
  • The Pièce de Résistance – Turn a ramshackle Restaurant into the talk of Sim Town! Let your Sims enjoy a 5 star dining experience complete with lobster dinner, first class table service and even a grand piano to dance the night away
  • Looking for Love? – Get to know your new crush in the upstairs bar of the Restaurant, perfect for an intimate date
  • The New You – Get a Sim Makeover and completely re-vamp an existing Sim!

New in version 5.5.0 (June 19th, 2014)

  • Step right up! The Carnival has come to Sim Town. Grab the whole family and come on down to begin the adventure at Level 26+
  • Fun for All – Experience the excitement of building your very own Carnival. Get a cheeky kiss at the Kissing Booth or decipher your future at the Fortune Teller
  • Feel the Rush – No carnival is complete without rides! Jump aboard the gorgeous Carousel or take in Sim Town on top of the giant Ferris Wheel. Even let your Sims bounce sky-high in a multi-colored Jumping Castle!
  • Draw Big Crowds – Dazzle onlookers with the all-new Juggling Hobby or show off your muscles and win prizes on the High Striker
  • Take Center Stage – Does your Sim love the limelight? Give them the all-new Entertainer personality and become the talk of the town
  • Tasty Treats – Spoil your Sims with delicious carnival food from colorful Cotton Candy to mouth-watering Pop Corn

New in version 5.4.1 (May 22nd, 2014)

  • The Sims FreePlay Team has done some Spring cleaning! They have de-cluttered the inventory and fixed the Sim cap and LP charge issue.

New in version 5.4.0 (May 8th, 2014)

  • New Stunning Stables – Complete the “Need for Steed” Quest at Level 11+ and build the perfect home for your Horses!
  • Take a Ride – Care for your new lovable Horses, feed them carrots, groom their manes and gallop around a rustic open paddock
  • Grab a Saddle – Unlock exciting new hobbies including Show Tricks and Vaulting. Complete each hobby to unlock different breeds from gorgeous black to breathtaking light bay Horses
  • Reach New Heights – Feel the ultimate rush as you and your steed take to the air in the Show Jumping Hobby. Unlock it by completing the “Hidden Unicorn” Quest at Level 14 and higher - available May 22
  • Magical Mysteries – Collect all the ribbons in the Show Jumping Hobby to unlock a majestic sparkly Unicorn!
  • Surf’s Up – Hit the swell in the all-new Surfing Hobby. Take on the waves and unlock a gnarly Surf Van for those long summer days
  • Make a Splash – Take a dive in the new Swimming Area of the Beach. Don’t worry, it’s shark proof of course!

New in version 5.3.0 (March 13th, 2014)

  • Live out your perfect Sims story! Watch your Sims grow through their full life-cycle, move onto the afterlife and pass on legacies from one generation to the next. Complete the “Life Dreams and Legacies” Quests at Level 24+ to get your Sims ready for their next exciting adventure!
  • Live Big, Dream Big – Complete the full life-cycle of your Sims with natural aging and help them fulfil Life Dreams from Babies to Seniors!
  • Trip to the Afterlife – Keep the family tree growing through the generations. Be escorted to the afterlife and pass on legacies to future generations
  • Sporty vs Geek – Get to know your Sims with two new in-depth personalities and goals. Will your Sims show off their athletic prowess at the Swim Center or contemplate the world of quantum physics over a hot tea?
  • Beachside Bliss – Soak up the sun at the Beach! Grab your snorkel and hit the coral reef or collect seashells on the sand in two new hobbies for your Sporty Sims
  • Game On – Embrace your inner Geek and unlock the Game Arcade. Master all-new hobbies for your Geeky Sims including Skill Tester, Pinball Wizard and Arcade Gamer!

New in version 5.2.1 (January 23rd, 2014)

  • All Grown Up – By popular demand, age your Teens into Adults by completing the "Adulthood" quest at Level 19 and higher
  • Meet the Grandparents – Grab your woolly cardigan and welcome Senior Sims into the family by completing the "Seniors" quest at Level 21 and higher
  • Needle and Thread – Master the art of patch working with the all-new Quilting hobby and spoil the grandkids with an adorable handmade Teddy bear – available at Level 23 and higher from February 5
  • Relax in Retirement – Make some new feathered friends and take up the new Bird Feeding Hobby to unlock your very own Pet Bird – available at Level 25 and higher from February 19
  • Bingo Hall – Mosey on over with your friends for a round of lucky numbers and win the big Simoleon jackpot
  • Do-It-Yourself – Renovate brand new house templates into your dream estate
  • Cash In Your Pension – Live in style with all new décor for your grand old Sim

New in version 5.1.0 (November 26th, 2013)

  • Thanksgiving Celebrations – Bring in Turkey season in style with all-new Turkey and Pilgrim Hats and an exclusive Turkey Beanbag, get them free by completing the “Thanksgiving Day” quest – ending Nov 28
  • Gifts Galore – Get your Sims ready for the silly season with four FREE Christmas presents delivered to your Sims door – starting Dec 1
  • 12 Days to Save Christmas – Help Santa find his Elves by completing “The Missing Xmas Elves” quest by Christmas Day and unlock adorable PET REINDEERS – available from Dec 13
  • Deck the Halls – Add some Christmas cheer to your home with all-new Christmas décor you receive free during “The Missing Xmas Elves” quest
  • New Year’s Eve – Bring in the New Year with a BANG! Complete the “10... 9... 8…” quest to receive Fireworks for your Sims! – available from Dec 29

New in version 5.0.0 (October 10th, 2013)

  • Teens – Age your Preteens into Teens by completing the “Coming of Age” quest at Level 23 and higher.
  • High School – Send your Teens off to make the grade at the new High School. Build yours today by completing the “Higher Education” quest at Level 24 and higher!
  • Teen Idol – Become a Teen Idol and make other Teens swoon! Live a life of fame and fortune by completing the “Road to Fame” quest at Level 25 and higher.
  • Halloween Madness – New ghost have invaded Sim Town! Complete the “Great Ghost Escape” at Level 10 and higher by November 1st to unlock spooky new items and costumes.
  • Sim Town Sign – Now that Sim Town is home to so many rich and famous Sims, it’s time to celebrate with the iconic Sim Town Sign! Build it to unlock the Teen Idol Mansion, the perfect hideout for your Teen Idol.
  • Need a new family member asap – Use the telephone to adopt a Teen or Preteen!
  • Complete weekly quests to earn Keys and win prizes in the Mystery Box Shop.

New in version 4.0.0 (August 29th, 2013)

  • Archaeologists have discovered a new Island off the coast of Sim Town. Let your Sims’ live in paradise and inhabit a land full of treasures. Awaken the mystery of the monuments to unlock the power of the ancient world!
  • Unlock the secrets of Mystery Island! Complete goals to repair the bridge leading to the mystical new island – the adventure begins at Level 15
  • Become an adventurous islander and build on premium island house lots
  • Experience island living in nautical style with all-new Houseboats!
  • Restore four majestic ancient monuments, and utilize their powers for added bonuses
  • Awaken the dormant Volcano and unlock its hidden treasures!
  • Harvest the all-new currency rewarding plants, the Simoleon Sprout and Life Point Lotus